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Pinnacle Automation is a full service supplier of cutting edge industrial equipment and services. With over 30 years experience in the field of machinery and electronics, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide manufacturing solutions that address your automation needs.


TYKMA Electrox produces a wide range of industrial laser engraving machines for product identification. With units ranging in scope from desktop to assembly line we can address the laser marking requirements of your organization. A diverse product line provides users with the perfect-fit solution for any application, material, surface, and composition. More detailed information can be found on the permanentmarking website. Please contact us for an on-site demonstration.


MarkinBOX manufactures a compact line of dot pin markers for industrial part marking. Units are very lightweight and portable. They can be handheld, mounted, or integrated into production. More information can be found at markinbox.com.

Custom Electronics

Pinnacle Automation is pleased to represent NetBox, a smart­meter for industrial applications that can monitor critical processes from anywhere in the world. In addition to our off the shelf product line, NetBox designs and builds custom systems to client specifications. More information can be found on the netboxsc website.


Whether you are looking for new or used equipment we can assist you in acquiring a machine that meets the demands of your business. For new equipment we can provide the latest in multi-axis/milling/turning CNC equipment. If a used machine is more in line with your budget we also have access to a large network of quality used and refurbished machinery.

Pinnacle Automation is committed to providing your organization with the support and service necessary for your operation to be successful.


TYKMA Electrox has a complete line of industrial laser engraving machines. A small sampling is shown below.

Please contact us to discuss the entire line.

MarkinBOX dot pin markers are versatile and robust. Units are easily programmable and can connect via Bluetooth, USB, RS232, D.I/O, or LAN. Android and iPhone connectivity make changing programs on the production floor an ease.

Please contact us for more information.

NetVuze Precision Network Meter provides e-mail alerts, e-mail Log files, browser-based status/reporting and remote front panel control.

Viewable from a smartphone or web browser from anywhere in the world. Find out more here.

http://www.netboxsc.com/ http://www.netboxsc.com/

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